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Kray3 RC7 released

05 Paź 2018

Kray 3.0 RC7 update is available. Give it a try in tough production! Our tests runs fine even on most complex scenes, so we consider render core as stable. Only thing missing for 3.0 final release is full support of LW2018 new shaders model. Lots of improvements and fixes in this update. See readme file for details.

Kray3 RC6 released

12 Cze 2018

Kray 3.0 is getting closer to its final release. This version includes bug fixes and early access to new features we plan to add in 3.x cycle. Try Kray native subsurface scattering shader! More information in change log file inside archive.

Kray3 RC5

12 Lut 2018

Kray3 update released. Few bugs fixed + initial LW2018 version (basic support, new shader model integration WiP)

Kray3 update to RC3

29 Wrz 2017

Kray3 RC3 update has been released today. As all updates in RC cycle, it provides fixes and improvements.

Kray3 RC2 update

27 Lip 2017

Kray3 has been updated to version RC2. Few bug fixed and significant improvements in noise control code.

Rendered by Janusz

Kray3 RC1 has been released

05 Lip 2017

Kray3 has reached next milestone! Its status has been changed to Release Candidate. This means, there are no known bugs that prevent using it in a production. Give it a try and push it to the limits! Let us know how it performs on Kray forum and gallery.

Kray3 OB7

14 Kwi 2017

Another bunch of fixes and optimizations has been added to Kray3. Update is available for all Kray3 users. Log in and download.

Kray 3 OB6

06 Mar 2017

Kray3 is getting closer to Release Candidate version. Open Beta 6 released with optimizations and few bug fixes.

Kray 3 Open beta 5

28 Sty 2017

Update of Kray3 has been released. Bunch of bugs fixed (listed as usual in changelog.txt inside archive)

Kray 3 OB4

24 Gru 2016

Kray 3 OB4 has just been released. There are some experimental features and bug fixes. For details check changlelog.txt inside downloaded pack.