What's new?

Kray 3.051 quick fix

09 Sty 2020

Kray 3.05 has been released

03 Sty 2020

Kray3 for LightWave has been released today. Clip camera added, memory usage optimizations and bug fixes and more...

Kray 3.04 + public demo version + quick start guides

15 Lip 2019

Kray 3.04 is released. Most improved area is LW2o18/2019 integration. There is also free demo version available of Kray3 in our download section and quick start tutorials created by our betatesting team leader Janusz.

Kray 3.035 released

30 Maj 2019

Kray update has been released. Improvements in this version include Open Image Denoise library support, SDK improvements and bug fixes.

Kray3 displacement example

Kray 3.03 update released

26 Kwi 2019

New release include new big features like geometry displacement and LightWave new shader integration + few small improvements and bug fixes.

Kray 3.02 available

30 Sty 2019

This update includes new a lot faster scene loader and few bug fixes.

Kray 3.01 available

15 Sty 2019

Small upgrade of Kray3 in available for all registered users. It contains memory and speed optimizations, few bug fixes and tone mapping improvements.

Kray 3.0 released!

31 Gru 2018

Kray rendering engine has reached its next milestone. Beta tests are over and engine is now production ready. LightWave 2015 plugin is also ready for heavy scene loads. We are still working on LigthWave 2018 new shader model integration as well as on new features. Next free update soon.

Kray3 RC7 released

05 Paź 2018

Kray 3.0 RC7 update is available. Give it a try in tough production! Our tests runs fine even on most complex scenes, so we consider render core as stable. Only thing missing for 3.0 final release is full support of LW2018 new shaders model. Lots of improvements and fixes in this update. See readme file for details.

Kray3 RC6 released

12 Cze 2018

Kray 3.0 is getting closer to its final release. This version includes bug fixes and early access to new features we plan to add in 3.x cycle. Try Kray native subsurface scattering shader! More information in change log file inside archive.