Kray plugin for LightWave is an external renderer for Newtek’s LightWave 3d. Currently Kray for LightWave 2015 is stable and production ready. Version for LightWave 2018 and later (which has new shaders model) is in „work in progress” state.

Features list:

  • Tight integration with LightWave
    • Shaders supported (stable in LW2015, beta in LW2018+)
    • Nodes supported (stable in LW2015, beta in LW2018+)
    • Cameras supported (stable in LW2015, work in progress for LW2018+)
  • Real time preview
    • Kray synchronizes its internal database with LW scene
  • Shared memory for textures
    • Texture data is shared between LW and Kray reduces memory requirements
  • Rendering parameters controllable inside Layout
  • Two way communication between LW and Kray with LScript or SDK
    • Allows to write custom plugins and automation scripts
  • Works with LWSN
  • Standalone rendering