Intriguing glamor. Glass and many lights.

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Intriguing glamor. Glass and many lights.

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Do not judge the design itself, it is a commercial commission and specific products.
But that is not the point.
I had the opportunity to check the computationally difficult scenes, glass, Lemi many area, spherical and ILS lights.
As you can see KRAY is doing very well with this challenge.
Render times in 4K from 5 to 10 minutes.
The sun light, a few panels, some ILS some light placed in lamps in the glass and everything really goes well.

It is worth mentioning the bumpmapingu that goes well even on small scales. textiles
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Re: Intriguing glamor. Glass and many lights.

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hey peter . very nice work.

but as you know ^^ :D . k3 is Amazing Best 3D Engine Render. when we will get Curve in tonemaping + Poste process + Shaders. i dont think there is engine can compute with k3 . His GI calculation fast as Ghost :evil: i dont think there is in this world engine fast and easy to use as K3 . no tooo
Much parametres or settings very easy to use. Perfect GI. Everything is perfect :D . thos render you did without portal light ex... when Core is build nicely as k3 . dont be supprised about quality and SPEED ^^ :D . i cant wait to see FULL K3 working On world wide Challenge engine . :idea: :idea: :idea: :arrow: :mrgreen:

Very Simple truth : we Got Lucky to have kray3 in Lightwave!.

By t he way tried smaller scn k3/Corona in 1min render time LOL. Corona Noise with denoiser at 1min .everything looks crap XD. K3 everything neat not noise nothing . JUST perfect image come out of the box .

YESSSSSSSSSSS once Again :we have a luck to have kray3 inside Lightwave. thnx TO G. and janusz for "hardworking" and guys who do testers .