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Re: For fun kray 3,035

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for me . because when he said about artattack render :

that character normal it has uv mapped all body not map to adjuste Skin shaders ex...

we have SSS ex... Skin shaders coming ..... everything is comming . i think because i compare k3 alot of engines : i can tell you k3 is most amazing. because render with corona for exmple it took 4 or 5 min and "u need to wait like 6 min when u have complex scn and sometiems 10 min before render start" with denoising. but in k3 it took just few second to start rendering even in heavy scn and render will took 30second not even 1min . it can be maximum btw 20 and 35 second.

i will not talk. when shaders + poste process for kray3 and lut will be ready . you will see and wolrd will see Fastest 3D engine CPU k3 also fast then GPU render trust me. i know i saw many renders with GPU render when i ask about render time it goes like 8H or 12H with 4 or 6 TITAN X. or 8 1080 ti ex.... FOR 2K or 4 K ./ k3 K4 u will get that scn in like maximum 10 min in my casse dual xeon i will get it in 6 min mybe less with k3 dernoiser it going like 4 min max . i dont think nowadays any engine 3D can bait k3 in speed/ quality .

i attached 2 render in very basic scn. i can go to 30 second for this scn. and u will not notice any differance. 1min in 2560X1980