Shader Simulator v2

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Re: Shader Simulator v2

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Heheh! I was only kidding of course! LightWave-related developers tend to be a bit "special" about business, and typically don't want to sell out to one of the big, bad, boring competitors 8) so I was assuming not!
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Re: Shader Simulator v2

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There is also one more think: we G. develop now K3 Core for three software (soon starts developing for Google Sketch-up Podium - there is a lot happy users with K2 Core and it will be more after K3).
Lightwave software for G. is Elite Software because ONLY LW allow to create full available in K3 quality and this will be always that situation.
We continue systematically our schedule without watching others:soon official Benchmark, after VCM, Shader system, real tone map and VPR.

This is our goal for K3: Full Real Time Render Engine with Path Tracing quality without noise and renders under 5-10 min.
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Re: Shader Simulator v2

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Janusz Biela wrote:
promity wrote:By the way - I personally like much more K3 render.
I just think that if you add the possibility of rendering to the GPU, there would be no equal for K3. )
Thanks for testing. This scene is very interesting because contain deep recurse problem and shows noise balance from Engine.
For example in Octane noise balance is not equal for transparency and reflection blur: reflection blur on the ceiling comparing to the transparency noise in glass.
In K3RC3 we have special part of core which reduce unbalanced noise effect. This affect time render, without still you have to wait for clean glass when ceiling reflection blur is neat.

Anyway comparing CPU/GPU has no sense. Also in K3 Photon Map is interpolated (no brute force), sampling GI is simple QMC so not that advanced like in Octane.
But like you see Global Illumination is the same :idea:
Since K3 includes a PT engine - it could be implemented through this render to the GPU.
Maybe it looks like the Thea renderer - a few render engines in one package. Or even Vray is arranged in this way - it has both a photon renderer and a PT - the latter is implemented through the CPU and the GPU versions of the render.