Kray 2.2

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Kray 2.2

Post by genesis1 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:37 pm

I've recently begun using kray in lightwave to see what I can achieve using a human head to create realistic skin. with lightwaves node textures I've got pretty close, however I notice that I cannot use kray with LW nodes. It will crash instantly with a fatal error. Unfortunatly it also crashes if fiber fx is used, so cannot render hair, and also I cannot use the plugin dp lights for soft shadows as this also crashes kray in LW. So unfortunatly Kray is reducing my options on rendering. Is there a way to create soft shadows from scene lights in kray? Is there a way to achieve a better skin texture in Kray without the use of nodes?

BTW. ..Having problems saving Kray settings. As soon as I try to load the saved file....Kray pops up saying "Bad file version" "Not an accuracy file"

Any advice appreciated. I am impressed with the rendering of Kray and like anything new, I still have to learn how to achieve the same results using a different system.
Thanks in advance. :D

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Re: Kray 2.2

Post by Janusz Biela » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:24 pm

I am more tired then you...
All these things what you wrote above are not supported by K2.x...simple you must forget about it.
There is only one solution for your request: waiting for K3. I know is taking time, but creating very good engine takes a lot.
G. is very talented - I would say:he is pure Genius but is so many thinks to do...
K2.2 is very old why you do not update?

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