Kray WIKI: manual, help and tutorials

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Kray WIKI: manual, help and tutorials

Post by jure » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:10 pm

Kray has it's own WIKI pages.

It is the most updated source for:
  • * Kray User Manual - The manual is work in progress! You can already find a lot of information there but some images are missing. If anyone can submit some nice examples it will be greatly appreciated

    * Tutorials - You can find some tutorials to get you started here

    * Troubleshooting and FAQ - Most common questions and problems are discussed here

    * Tip's and tricks - please contribute!

    * Free scenes You can find some free scenes setup for Kray here. If you have any scenes of your own that would like to share please do so!

    * Kray SDK Information for developers who wants to use Kray rendering engine with their applications [/b]
You are strongly encouraged to contribute to the pages.You can read more about how to edit Wiki pages here.

Please also let us know what information are you missing on Wiki and we will do our best to add it as soon as possible.
- Jure

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