Surface sets

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Surface sets

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I just found this old but nice script by Tajino that allows to easily save and load surface sets on selected objects:

The reason for this is that the default load/save surface library does not obey surfaces name of an object, instead load by sequence, which is bad when there are new surface names added or removed from an object.

"This script will allow to quickly select the saved surface sets presets quickly from the popup menu without needing to browse and look for the filenames.

Scenario for the use this lscript :
- say you have an object that would require multiple passes that could only be done by altering the surface settings of multiple surfaces, e.g. setting up ambient occlusion nodes for all surfaces in a given object. Normally after all the tedious work is done, you would then have to save the same lwo in a different name, making updating works tedious especially if you have several surfaces sets to create.

- with this, you could just have one object. and have multiple surface sets presets (e.g. Ambient Occ surfaces, Color masks, Shading, even Alpha mask which is great for 3rd party renderers that do not output proper alpha yet). Which can then be loaded as per needed.

The surface sets folder will be created in your [contentdir]\surfaces\[objectname]\.."

Video demonstration:

Thanks Tajino!
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- Jure
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Re: Surface sets

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Or also for clients who can't decide themselves on what they really want, you cans make a set per day :)
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