kray 2.1 seems to default as F9 in lw 9.6

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kray 2.1 seems to default as F9 in lw 9.6

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i open a lw 9.6 scene and press F9 to render. renders fine. then i press one of the buttons assigned to kray frame (i think) to render single image..kray renders fine. i close kray window. when i press F9 again...the kray interface pops up! i save the scene and rreload F9 same kray interface pops up again..

how can i avoid this from happening? should i save a scene for kray and another same scene for lw rendering?

also i have been studying the kray forums here but cannot cant fins except the older kray 1.7 'basic' interior setup for renders. i am looking for more advanced features on kray 2.1 how to renders for exterior and interior and instancing. maybe iym doing something wrong or not looiking deep enough.

can anyone point me the way plzz? thanks in advance
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Re: kray 2.1 seems to default as F9 in lw 9.6

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about F9:

you can switch between LW native renderer and Kray by going to "Render Globals>Render tab" and at the bottom you select Kray or LW renderer.

About Kray 2 tutorials check the free scenes provided here: ... 920&h=1200

Kray tutorials here:

Hope this helps...
- Jure
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