Tonemaping settings assign to camera !

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Tonemaping settings assign to camera !

Post by Keraressi Abdelkarim » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:35 pm

ive got an idea it very usefull for exmple :

if you work on int/ext axo and Full interior same time . when you adjust differant lighting for both ex....

can we have for exmple i have 2 camera. First camera outside as AXO birdeye without ceiling and roof because it axo Shot! .

2nd camera in interior for exmple lets say in master bed room with ceiling details ex..

so the idea instead to jump in settings for exmple in First camera in k3 tonempaing i use for exmple exposure like : 3 and in seconds camera i use tonempaing exposure as 12 . so if there was an option it will link tonemaping for each camera. so when i select camera 1 it will use settings tonemapaing with 3 exposure and when i select camera 2 it will right up or load exposure 12 .

mybe it can be + button to add square to assing to camera in tonempaing settings. when u hit in + button it will tell you please select your camera for link settings! . so i can put differant values for differant camera and link them. so without comeback and forth and edit value in exposure in K3 tonemaping it will save there and by selecting camera it will use particulary value for that! . it will save also too much time for user.

i think it very usefull .

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