Nodes parts (III)

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Nodes parts (III)

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Last part of Nodes.

This is shader and it means can work not properly and slow (but is better then nothing). For this very important effect we must wait for special shader done specially for K3.
Is quite confusing setup: which direction and mapping, what value, etc.
I think Axis Y is direction of blur stretching on the cylinder map. Mapping Linear is just linear effect (so non stop the same stretch blur).
If we have metal kitchen wall and we want horizontal effect then should be Axis X.
It is making me confuse because is not fully supported in Kray (speed render and I think some differences between LW and Kray)
Dispersion is just color effect.
The best system how it works is to start VPR render under LW.
This is shader and it can make problems in render in Kray

Looks complicate but is very basic (we use only curve and Incidence angle)
I am interesting in only two parameters:
- position - two points: the beginning and end of curve
- value
It can be use in many places (depend from what we want simulate)
Must be control by user, highly recommended to use.
Attention: is not important how accurate positioning points are. Here examples:
Important are two lines: zero and one (0% and 100%). Will explain later why.


Normal Map system
It must be in group. Of course is not that big different between standard bum map and Normal pump map but always is a bit better from Node especially when we can "Inject" another texture and create Bump Drop Off effect (will explain later)

No control by user, only need attach map (can be same as diffuse! so in the end save time. Will explain later why)

Reflection with glancing (shader)
As always: slow, we can not live without this and is better then nothing. We must wait for special shader done for K3 from Grzegorz.
Very basic to use. Slow for high blur (but is not tragic)
Only three options are interesting:
- blur Amount (optimal 5-20%)
- Glancing stretch (optimal 10-50%)
- Samples (Quality of blur, optimal value 5-10)

Here EXTREME example (very high setup and effect). But in most situations can be much, much lower and faster in render.
Blur Amount is really huge (200%!)
Glancing also big (240%!)
Image explain what is glancing (it is stretching of blur reflection)
Attention I Kray is bug when object has one side poly (for example curtains) This side which has vertex polygons to outside direction will be not visible in reflection with this node. So If I flip polygons from curtains I will not see them in reflection.

Reflections (Shader)
It is standard reflection blur Node which can be mixed with another one by Mixer
Only one control useful for Kray: Reflection Blur (Will explain later why this shader is important)


This is end of all Nodes which we need for rendering. In LW system are a lot Nodes (I think It is the richest Node system from all software). Maybe there are two or three more but is not necessary complicate whole system. The most important is balance, not exaggerate with connections, and logical way to use.
Is only one "Node" missing in LW: imagination ...which is the most important from all :wink:

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Re: Nodes parts (III)

Post by ZodiaQ »

Great info, maybe you could do something with transparancy.
I always have a hard time creating (architectural) frosted or milky glass
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