Lightwave's future

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Lightwave's future

Post by Fabian-Eshloraque » Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:38 pm

Hi guys,

First of all, this topic/question has nothing to do with kray. And I like lightwave - its easy, robust and pricequality the best, but...

Maybe you noticed but there is a lot of stuff going on, on the lightwave forums and facebook groups. I just wanted to check with you other studio's and artists what your thoughts and plans are with using lightwave in the future. I noticed for example that a lot of people and studio's stopped using lightwave. Which lead to the fact that lightwave went from most used in 2000 to least used in 2016.

We for example are already using maya/vray (or maya/arnold/renderman) But I just can not find LW artists anymore and the young artists do not want to use it at all. (for archiviz I can still find some, but for VFX and animation it became nearly impossible)

Hope to hear your thoughts,


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Janusz Biela
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Re: Lightwave's future

Post by Janusz Biela » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:31 pm


Thank you for this question.
Unfortunately I can not answer this question directly and I can NOT even tell to other people what to do.

So, my answer here is direct and personal (please do not consider this like direction in life or solution)

First of all, the most important for me is that I LOVE rendering, is my life (with money or without) so watching from this position I do no pay attention for Arnold, Maya, V-ray, etc . I like Lightwave, I use it since over 20 years and I have even no small thought to change it for other software.

Second (please do not take it like narcissistic answer ) from my position is completely unprofitable to change software because I created my own pipe lines. If something does`t exist I invent it. I have brain like you (exactly the same as you) so I just try use it and this gives me boost and happiness in life .
The challengse gives me sense of life and even if I have common difficulties in life I do not give up (sometimes I am splash on the concrete literally but it is enough to take nap, wake up next day and try recover - I have good people around me which always help me.

Third, I work very hard (read this: all my free time) for Kray, Lightwave (most of that, without profits) and I keep my rule of life: Do not watch other people! ...even if everybody goes somewhere else in completely other directions. I am strong individualist and nobody can change it. At least in future when I will be old I have something to tell to my grand children about life.

Forth: I always take as example people who lived a hundred years ago, without computers, technology and good life support and still they are up today masters of poetry, painting, sculpturing. Today`s word is total shit and not to drawn it this I try keep my own path.

I hope I did no offend anybody. Apparently Grzegorz has also same thoughts: If somebody do not like Kray or Lightwave feel free try other software and maybe you will back... ALWAYS you will be WELCOME here!

Maybe this is not straight answer for you question but I hope some people will understand what I mean. It make me tired listening complains, grumbling. Try make something by you, individually and even if is not good or carp - it is YOURS!

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Re: Lightwave's future

Post by Jarda_viz » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:22 pm

Hello Janusz,
I like what you wrote down in your post. This is the best feedback to all dissatisfied people who are always waiting for something magic which will improve their 3D outputs (LW, Kray) without hard work and continuous diligence.

I mean it in general. I don't want somebody takes personally what I wrote. Anyway it has a lot of truths.


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Re: Lightwave's future

Post by promity » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:44 am

There is such a moment - many people do not want to do character animation in Lightwave because there was no market demand for such specialists - mainly requires professionals animators from Maya knowledge.

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Re: Lightwave's future

Post by khan973 » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:03 pm

I will have two answers, one from left brain, one from right !

Right brain:
Do what you love !
Like Janusz, I started using Lightwave exactly 20 years ago and sometimes I just like to open it, watch the interface, model, do some tests... My love for Lightwave is irrational and I can't help it.
I just feel like software won't make ideas, it just can provide you with tools that will ease the path from your idea to a result.
But everything must come from your brain first. Watch Jurassic Park 1 and look at the tools they were using. Still today, not many animators can do that...

Left brain:
If you can use LightWave, if you're efficient with it, stick with it !
If you're freelancing and the tools you master matter to get jobs, learn softwares people will hire you for, that's simple.
People always think of 3D softwares as magic boxes where you'll find everything.
It's not a X or Y, it's a X AND Y !
You can keep lw for rendering or animating ou modeling and still deliver what studios need because a mesh is a mesh and nowadays, with alembic, PBR and so on, it's easy to jump from software to software.

I'll say that most of the time, the love you have for what you do will open more doors than following the herd.
I've never been much of a follower and I like outsiders like Mindberries, LW3DGroup etc...

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Re: Lightwave's future

Post by thomas » Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:57 pm

Hi Fabian,

As you know we still use LightWave as our main 3D package, and don't intend to change unless we are forced to! I'm a bit underwhelmed at the lack of new info on the LW blog, but I still have enough confidence that in this world of almost Autodesk-monopoly, there's a need and use for at least three other valuable 3D packages. Let's call them Cinema, LightWave and blender, hypothetically :-)

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Re: Lightwave's future

Post by Fabian-Eshloraque » Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:13 am

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your replies. For me lightwave is still a nice program. I checked with other studiomanagers for lightwave and the answer is: almost no studio's/artists use it. Which means almost no young artists will learn LW because of low amount of jobs in it.

This has nothing to do with skills and tools, I dont care in what software you do - as long as you meet the deadline and the render looks great - I'm fine with it. But when you co-operate on bigger productions and you say you use LW, then they do not want to work with your studio. Only maya studio's are allowed. And sometimes only maya-arnold studio's. (I will not say why and how, its just a fact)

I hope that next Lightwave is good, otherwise I can not defend the use of Lightwave anymore in our studio.

I'm sorry to maybe offend some people with saying this - but this should have been said like 10 years ago. (when lightwave 7 came out and the programmers left to create modo)

Grtz Fabian

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