New podcast - CG Talks.

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New podcast - CG Talks.

Post by Greg_GF » Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:33 pm

Hi guys!

We've just finished the first season of CG talks - a podcast where three CG guys talk about CG. Here are the episodes. I hope you will find topics which are interesting to you.

Season 2 is in progress and the technical quality is going to be better - we learn on the way. :)

Stay tuned for more!
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Here are links to the episodes
CG talks - ep. 5: Working with Corona, and we don't mean the renderer

In this very casual Podcast, Tom, DJ and Marco sit down and reflect on what's in the air these days, how it affects the 3d industry, our personal lives and the world at large.

CG talks - ep. 6: Assing around about assets and other things

The future that awaits us after the pandemic, how assets are essential to an efficient 3d workflow. random musings and overall chill convos with DJ, Andrew and Marco.

CG talks - ep.7: Kitbashing your real and unreal 3d future

In this episode DJ Andrew and Marco talk about kitbashing and how it translates to 3d, the amazing developments of the unreal engine and a myriad of other things!

CG talks - ep.8: Digging deeper into deep fakes and below

The rising power of ai in CG and a healthy dose of digression make up this episode. Listen in for Dj, Andrew and Marco's thoughts on the implications of artificial intelligence in the entertainment and design industries, as well as in politics and the world at large!

CG talks - ep.9: GPU vs CPU final Lord Of The Ring style battle

CPU or GPU? Traditional Rendering or realtime? Does one or the other act as the only choice stepping forward into the future? Find out as DJ, Andrew and Marco go over both processors, how they help us in our projects, and why the answer isn't as black or white as some may think!

CG talks - ep.10: Smart technology, the future, and you
From being schooled in a game of GO to busting out 15th-century portraiture, it seems the machines are besting us at every turn or is it simply a matter of perspective? Join Marco Andrew and DJ as they discuss the rise of computer intelligence and the stakes therein!

CG talks - ep.11: Photorealism and beyond

In this episode, DJ, Andrew and Marco revisit the idea of Photorealism in CG - tracing the origin of the practice, distinguishing it from realism, discussing it's value in the industry and its place in the practice of art!

CG talks - ep.12: Photorealism and beyond part 2

In this second part of the discussion on Photorealism, DJ Marco and Andrew go over some of the more grounded aspects of achieving photorealism in 3d rendering. What are the key elements to achieve photorealism in CGI ? Is there a secret recipe for good looking images? Guys discuss their experiences and give tips on how to use photography and cinematography based concepts in your daily 3d artist's life.

I hope you will enjoy.

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