tutorial scene revisited

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tutorial scene revisited

Post by jure »

I have made some modifications to the old tutorial scene. You can download it here for free:

Download Scene
- Jure
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Re: tutorial scene revisited

Post by brownie »

Thanks Jure for sharing these scenes.
It really helps a lot.
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Re: tutorial scene revisited

Post by antoniomitalia »

hi everybody, i'm new with kray and i was just testing this scene.

the problem is that the textures of the floor didn't render properly.

i didn't touch a thing, and if you see the floor on lightwave's Open GL or make render on it, it's all OK!, but if you render on Kray, texture seems to be streched to infinite!

i attach two screen shots:
what's the problem??

* * *
To describe more my situation: I'm using Kray 2.1 on a Mac with LW 9.6 UB and OSX 10.4 Tiger.

Hope this is not the problem, what do you think?
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