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3dream wrote: Is there a library of Kray materials somewhere? If not, can we start a forum for this? I know certain things are setup differently for Kray...
Yes it this - search some post at forum. It is only one problem: the surfacing is incredible difficult (I do not talk about basic setup)
I think about scene which will be good for surface preset but still nothing in my head (it is something but still no major Idea) - this what has another render engines tell nothing and show nothing , they looks only good but not practical.
Why I told incredible difficult? Because are two brands of renders: standard and this TOP ONE. The Top One has high level of surfacing (Nodes, especially in V-ray). Shaders are not everything , they just support some surfaces.

I think about this subject after K3 release...but really I have no idea yet how to deal with this. This what I do in Nodes can confuse people because of difficulty (but is Not!) - apparently, is no another way to make good renders :(
Dosen`t exist also easy system for surfacing ! All top renders from V-ray has Nodes , which people develop in their own way. Maxwel system offer very good system (physical system) but speed of this engine is pointless.

I know people need very often basic setup - but it doesn`t work with me because using that making you walking in one place or in circle and finally in the and you will start waste time (not develop yourself making waste time!)

I try emulate Physic in Nodes because apparently Kray engine is very, very physical and that`s the funny think: Nodes render by Kray looks much better then in LW (it is because of engine with many REAL bounce lights which affect very good GI map)
My friend use Maxwell which I very admire (Multilight is perfect!we will try add it in K3 ) Of course I do not use it in rendering (sometimes for testing) is just way too slow. But I use renders from Maxwell to make my Nodes in Kray because Maxwell has very accurate system.

The subject is still open and after release K3 we will renew it with some new Ideas.
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