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= Advanced =
= Advanced =
== [[Color managment and Linear color space work flow in Kray]] ==
[[Color managment and Linear color space work flow in Kray]]
= External Resources =
= External Resources =

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Here you can find tutorials to help you started with Kray. You can post your ideas for tutorials in the discussion box at the top and we'll add them. As always Please contribute!

Kray 2 Tutorials

01 - Installation Video - Download Config Files

02 - Quick start Video - Download Scene

03 - General tab Video - Download Scene

04 - Photons tab: Download Scene

Basic Tutorials

Kray 2.2 Interior Setup Tutorial Video - by keraresi abdelarim

Quick Kray 2.0 Setup

Introduction to Global Illumination

Simple interior tutorial using Lightmapping

Using Lightportals

Basic Kray Instancing - by geo_n (for Kray 1.7)

Basic Tone Mapping

Basic Kray Setup - Video Tutorial - by Florian von Behr

Wireframe render tutorial - by Janusz Biela aka. Johny_quick

Basic Caustics Setup

Kray setup tips on Kray Forum

Network rendering

Overview of Gamma and Tonemapping options in Kray - by Matt Gorner


Color managment and Linear color space work flow in Kray

External Resources

Our friends at Render Vision released Professional Archviz Training model pack where you can learn how to setup Kray from real scenes. You can order it from this page http://www.3dwired.com/

Here you can find a video that shows how to easily place instances for use with Kray, with the help of a nice plugin called Veggipaint