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= Kray 2.x User Manual=
= Kray 2.x User Manual=
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==[[Kray User Manual | English manual]]==
==[[Kray User Manual | English manual]]==

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Welcome to Kray Wiki pages.

Kraytracing Wiki are offical help pages for Kray renderer.

Hopefully this Wiki pages will grow into the main source for information about Kray rendering software. Everyone can contribute by registering and posting/updating pages.


Kray 2.x User Manual

English manual

most recent version

Italian translation

by Roberto Cifra aka. talats

Spanish translation

by Jorge Girona aka. joreldraw

Traduction française

by Cedric Magne aka. khan

Polish translation



You can find some tutorials to get you started here


Troubleshooting and FAQ

Most common questions and problems are discussed here


Tip's and tricks

Some usefull tips and tricks can be found here. Please contribute!


Free scenes

You can find some free scenes setup for Kray here. If you have any scenes of your own that would like to share please do so!


Kray SDK

Information for developers who wants to use Kray render engine


Kray Chat

If you need help or just want to chat about Kray, join Kray chat on Skype.