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{{Kray3script | path=operators/vector_math.kray | runbutton=1}}
{{Kray3script | path=operators/vector_math.kray | runbutton=1}}
== Comparision ==
You can use comparision operators < > <= >= on doubles, strings.
{{Kray3script | path=operators/operators8.kray | runbutton=1}}
You can use comparision operators == != on doubles, strings, vectors and axes.
{{Kray3script | path=operators/operators9.kray | runbutton=1}}
== Convert vector>axis ==
== Convert vector>axis ==
<> converts vector to axis.
<> converts vector to axis.

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Arithmetic operations

Several standard arithmetic operations can be used inside Kray script.


You can perform ADD operation on doubles, strings and vectors.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators1.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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You can perform SUBTRACT operation on doubles and vectors.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators2.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Unary -

Unary operations can also be performed on doubles and vectors.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators3.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Can be performed on double, axes*axes, vector*axes, vector*vector.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators4.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Can be performed on double, axes/axes, vector/axes, vector/vector.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators5.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Modulo (%) can be performed on doubles.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators6.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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^ to the power of operator works on doubles.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators7.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Standard math functions

Some standard math functions are also available:

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/math.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Trigonometric functions

The following trigonometric functions are also available. Argument should be passed in radians.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/trigonometrc.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Vector Math

There are several built in functions available for vector math.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/vector_math.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Convert vector>axis

<> converts vector to axis.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators12.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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Exponential operator

E - exponential operator.

Concatenation operators work on doubles, vectors, strings.

<include highlight="kray3" src="/pub/kray3_script/operators/operators13.kray"></include>{{#ifeq: 1|1|

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