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Kray3 SDK


Kray3 SDK is intended for those who want to integrate Kray render engine with another application. It offers easy scripting access to Kray internal functions. Kray3 SDK is a complete rewrite from older versions so old scripts will need to be rewritten to take account of new commands.

Using Kray script is very easy so anyone can try it, although it is expected that user has some basic knowledge of programming. Kray script allows you to configure and issue instructions to Kray render engine.

On the following pages you can find the complete reference of Kray3 commands with information and examples on how to get started. If you have any questions,comments or suggestions please contact us.

Note: Kray3 SDK is work in progress and will be updated periodicaly.

If you are looking for old SDK look at old Kray SDK pages.

Get Kray3 SDK

You can dive right in by going to Kray3 live page. Kray3 live is our engine running on JavaScript (thanks to Emscripten and powered by asm.js). You can play around with Kray script there, run some available demos and when you want to do more serious work you can download Kray3 C++ SDK with examples or Kray3 standalone files from our repository.

Kray3 Commands Reference

You can find the list and description of all the available Kray script commands on the

Commands Reference Page

Kray3 Script Examples

A complete walk through on how to get started with Kray script, with examples can be found here:

  1. Script basics
  2. Defining geometry
  3. Defining materials
  4. Setting up lights
  5. GI settings
  6. Image sampling configuration