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Kray is a state of the art Global Illumination renderer that allows very fast and accurate rendering of scenes where indirect light plays an important role. It includes advanced and modern algorithms and optimizations that allow it to render not only stills, but also animations, with full global illumination very fast on standard computers.

Kray integrates tightly into LightWave and supports most of its features, but it's not limited to the LightWave architecture and provides powerful features not found in LightWave.


Kray at the very begining was a raytracing experiment, it could just render a scene hardcoded inside C++ source.


Then a scene description language - Kray script was added. At that time Kray could load a simple scene from a text file. It was december 2001 when first public version - Kray 0.9 was released as a standalone application for AmigaOS (main developement platform back then). Later PC port was added. It was a freeware software.

It was pure fun to add features to Kray at that time. At some point when Kray already have optimized ray traversal, photon mapping and LightWave object loader the idea to make it commercial product came.

At the end of 2004 Mindberries was founded. In january 2005 Kray 1.5 - first commercial version was released as a plugin for LightWave. And the rest is history... :)