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Misc tab

Kray gui misc.png


Here you can specify the file name where Kray will write it's log file to.


Will output debug information into logfile.

Info stamp

Info stamp allows you to display relevant render information over the rendered image.


Allows you to select a txt file with Kray commands. You can write your own file with commands you use often and you can easily load them here.

Full size preview

It will make the render preview window as big as the final output.

Close preview on finish

Enabling this button will automatically close the render window when rendering is done.

Unseen by rays casts light

This is the same as adding lwo2unseenbyrays_affectsgi 0; command. When you set objet to "Unseen by rays" and Unseen by camera" it will hide the object from render but still cast light.

Also output to LW

When this option is enabled the render will be sent to LW image buffer even if Kray output is enabled. Is the same as adding 'outputtolw 1' command.

Header cmds / Tailer cmds

This are additional Kray “core” commands that do not have direct connection to buttons in GUI, but can instead be run by entering appropriate command.

You can find the list of all available commands here.