Wireframe render tutorial

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Wireframe render from Kray

Small tutorial how make wireframe renders from Kray.

  1. After finish setup scene we need export this scene to new folders: normal scene folder and outline folder. We will use the following plugin: http://lwtoolbox.com/content/SaveProject.zip from outline scene we can delete all textures (we don`t need them)
  2. We need two renders (which we will merge under Photoshop)
  • override render from Kray
  • outline render from LW
Export settings

Override render

Override render is very powerfull tool (for example I use this for checking quality of GI).

It is very important how you setup it. The screenshots below shows how to setup KrayOverride for correct render:

Override setup

This is result after desaturate under Photoshop (You can also put in Tailer cmds command: postprocess desaturate, 1;) Of coarse we used normal scene (just select tool override)

Override render

Outline render

We use now second exported scene.

  1. select from RenderGlobals Lightwave Render Engine and select Quickshade
  2. (very important) all surface must have 100% luminosity , white color
  3. You must setup otline renders in LW
Wireframe setup

Don`t forget setup AA in LW! Now we prepare Photoshop montage:

Photoshop setup

Final image:

Final image