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Material flags

Material flags is a set of on/off properties of a material. Use material command to set those flags.


material <material_name>,flags,4+8; // inner reflection and diffuse enabled

List of flags and their meanings:

4    - inner side reflection enabled (transparent material)

8    - inner side diffuse enabled (transparent material)

0x10 - double sided material

0x20 - inner side specularity enabled

0x40 - blurring quick mode (using photon maps instead of final gather)

0x80 - add surface and mesh ids (used with needbuffers) command

0x100 - do not reflect caustic photons (for reflective/refractive surfaces, to control caustics receiving for diffuse surfaces use diffuse_mode)

0x200 - unseen by rays

0x400 - unseen by cam

0x800 - unseen by GI

0x1000 - no FG reflections

0x2000 - no FG refractions